Introducing a new mobile wallet.

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ShareNPay is a social payment company that believes financial transactions are inherently a social activity.

With ShareNPay, anyone can easily build a safe social payment network to pay and collect money from friends and family instantly, within a mobile platform.

Our users can communicate with anyone in their network to split, discuss, agree and approve transactions, as well as check their transaction history. An integrated web browser also allows users to share links and propose group activities.

Amazing Features

We do everything your wallet can do but better


Pay your friends, family or your dentist anywhere in U.S, right from your phone in seconds. It's that quick.


Collect money for the rent, utilities, groceries or even for a shared meal.

Share a pizza with your friends, and then split the bill. Everyone will know who is the last one to pay!


Chat to your network instantly. Share, plan, dispute, agree or just say hi. We all love messaging and it's built in.


Take pictures of fun times or boring receipts and invoices, it's up to you.


For quick easy access, browse the web within the app, share links to friends or groups

Why we're different

  • Networking and payment platforms combined within a closed loop, frictionless App with 256-bit security encryption that's used by banks.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface to pay, collect, split bills, post receipts and invoices. Click and go!
  • Built in web browser to plan events, research and share links without leaving the App.
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